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This is the first Software Developer Conference with a 100% focus on Black and Brown software developers and it's popping off in Detroit. This conference is an extension to the bi-weekly events that we have throughout the year.

Event Agenda

The event is from 9am-5pm with registration starting at 8:30am. Lunch is provided. A networking event will be held immediately after from 5:15pm-8pm

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Hacking With The Homies 9:00am

Welcome & Keynote

Welcome and inspirational message

Hacking With The Homies 9:30am

Working with GoLang (aka GO)

Speaker: Bryan Campbell  

Will explain why large companies in Metro Detroit are moving to GO. Therefore, there is high demand (which translates to higher saleries). You will write a simple GO application that shows the value of the language

Podcast Series 10:15am

DevOps - Where Infrastructure and Coding Meets

Speaker: Brianna Mccullough  

We will discuss how DevOp’s is the perfect way to transition into coding. The presenter will discuss her journey from being a traditional Network Engineer into joining the DevOp’s automation team. She will introduce Ansible and demonstrate how it’s used to automate the deployment of applications

Briant Anthony 11am

Blockchain Development using Solidity

Speaker: Briant Anthony  

Blockchain development may look intimidating, but it’s really not. We will explain why more black and brown folks need to jump in this space and we will write a simple application that will store data in the blockchain and use another computer to access the data from the blockchain. Hence, demonstrating the distributed capability of Blockchain technology

12pm: Lunch and Fireside Talks

Lunch is included in your ticket price

Hacking With The Homies 1:15pm

AI - Crawl, Walk, Run

Speaker: Jeseekia Vaugh  

AI is complicated, but it’s the future. So, in this session, we will walk through a coding example that uses AI to predict when the mail carrier will arrive.

Hacking With The Homies 2pm

Security - Customer Identity and Access Management

Speaker: Andrew Cameron  

Security cant happen without identity, knowing who your customers are and how to keep them secure will be one of the most critical aspects of any app or service that you build. With Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) your solutions will leverage the most advanced and secure technologies available today. Andrew will provide an overview of what CIAM is and how to leverage it in your solutions

Hacking With The Homies 2:45pm

Security - Secure By Design

Speaker: Xavier D. Johnson  

We will discuss how to architect an application with security in mind

Hacking With The Homies 3:30pm

Your Tests Lack Vision: Adding Eyes to Your Automation Framework

Speaker: Angie Jones  

Learn when and where to add visual assertions to your existing automation framework, how to work with various match levels including ones suitable for dynamic content, and how to evaluate and resolve visual test results. There will be live coding!

Hacking With The Homies 4:15pm

Kubernetes - Setting up your first cluster and deploying an app

Speaker: Ofiliojo Ichaba  

We will setup a cluster and deploy an app to the cluster. We will discuss the benefits of deploying your application in Kubernetes

Hacking With The Homies 5:00-5:15pm

Closing Remarks and Thank You

5:30pm-8:30pm: Happy Hour and Networking

Location: Altimetrik Collider, 1500 Woodward Ave floor 4, Detroit, MI 48226

1 Block South of the conference (3 minute walk)

Happy Hour Location

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We are looking for sponsors that see value in building better software products by having a diverse set of software developers that have different perspectives
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